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Medical Marijuana User? Make Sure What’s in your Possession is Legal

By Jude Faccidomo |

Florida is one of the 29 states that have a medical marijuana program in place. Under this program, qualifying patients can possess a small amount of cannabis to relieve the symptoms of certain conditions, including Crohn’s Disease, HIV/AIDs, cancer, and glaucoma. Without a valid prescription, it is illegal to possess any amount of marijuana… Read More »


Hate Crimes on College Campuses

By Jude Faccidomo |

Recently, stories of a white-on-black hate crime on a Connecticut campus made headlines. A female student was charged with third degree criminal mischief and second degree breach of peace after she allegedly posted content on social media detailing harmful actions she took against her former roommate. These actions included tampering with the roommate’s personal… Read More »


Is It Worth my Time to Fight a First Time DUI Charge?

By Jude Faccidomo |

Yes. There is no other way to put it – it is absolutely, always worth your while to fight a DUI charge. Although there is some credibility to the idea that it can be worthwhile to simply accept a traffic violation charge and pay the fine because you will use more time and money… Read More »


South Florida Couple Arrested for Alleged Trafficking of Chinese Fentanyl

By Jude Faccidomo |

In late October 2017, authorities arrested a South Florida couple allegedly involved with an international drug smuggling ring that brought fentanyl and other, similar drugs from China to the United States. The couple was allegedly involved in the money laundering and distribution portion of the drug trafficking operation, which directly resulted in four American… Read More »


Criminal Penalties for a Petit Theft Conviction in Florida

By Jude Faccidomo |

In Florida, petit theft is defined as the theft or use of property worth less than $300 with the intent to deprive the property’s rightful owner of the benefits of owning or using the property. As with other theft offenses, petit theft is charged according to the value of the items allegedly stolen. Details… Read More »


Defenses to a Credit Card Fraud Charge

By Jude Faccidomo |

Credit card fraud is a broad charge that can be applied to a variety of alleged actions. Often, but not always, credit card fraud is the illegal use of an individual’s personal information to make purchases or open credit cards with the intention of making purchases. Other acts that may be charged as credit… Read More »


What Can I be Required to Do as Community Service?

By Jude Faccidomo |

For certain criminal offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI), community service can be part of a convicted individual’s sentence. Sometimes, community service is sentenced in place of another penalty, such as jail time or a fine, or it is part of another penalty, such as probation. When community service is part of… Read More »


What Is Prescription Fraud?

By Jude Faccidomo |

Prescription fraud is both an act of fraud and a drug offense. Many prescription drugs, such as oxycodone and morphine, are tightly regulated because of their addictiveness and propensity to be abused by users. Though they are legal in the hands of pharmacies, doctors and nurses administering them to patients, and patients with legitimate… Read More »


I am a Victim of Police Brutality. What are my Rights?

By Jude Faccidomo |

During an arrest and in the interrogation and custody that follow, you have certain civil rights. One of these rights is the right to be handled humanely by police. Using excessive force to subdue or restrain a suspect is an act of police brutality and a violation of the suspect’s civil rights. Police brutality… Read More »


He Said, She Said: What Kind of Evidence is Necessary to Prove a Campus Sexual Assault?

By Jude Faccidomo |

It is no secret that sex happens on college campuses. Sometimes, it occurs in the context of committed relationships and in other cases, it is one night stands and experimentation. When it occurs without all participants’ consent, it is sexual assault. Sexual assault is a serious offense. When the details surrounding a sexual encounter… Read More »

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