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What Can I Do if I am Charged with Mortgage Fraud?

By Jude Faccidomo |

According to the FBI, mortgage fraud is “any material misstatement, misrepresentation or omission relied upon by an underwriter or lender to fund, purchase or insure a loan.” Mortgage fraud can be committed by an individual seeking a mortgage to purchase a home or a lender looking to turn a profit. There are many different… Read More »


What is Illegal Search and Seizure?

By Jude Faccidomo |

Your right to privacy is protected by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This means that under most circumstances, law enforcement and others cannot enter your home to search through your property and take items they deem to be necessary for a criminal investigation. Doing so is known as an illegal search… Read More »


What are Aggravating Factors and How Can they Impact my Case?

By Jude Faccidomo |

When reading about criminal charges and their penalties, the term “aggravating factors” will likely come up. These are the details about an offense that can affect the severity of the penalties a defendant faces after he or she is convicted. In some cases, an aggravating factor can even change how an offense is charged…. Read More »


Can my Teenage Son or Daughter Face Criminal Charges for Sexting with Another Teen?

By Jude Faccidomo |

Today, text messages and social media are how we communicate. For many teenagers, this is the primary, even sole means of communication with certain friends. Many young people entering their first relationships and navigating the world of dating and sex engage in sexually explicit messaging, also known as “sexting,” with partners and potential partners…. Read More »


Using your Right to Stand your Ground as a Defense Against a Battery Charge

By Jude Faccidomo |

In Florida, you have the right to stand your ground when you feel threatened. This is in contrast to laws in other states that impose a duty to retreat, a legal obligation to make every possible effort to escape from a threat before engaging in violence as a form of self defense. Your right… Read More »


What are the Penalties for Violating the Terms of my Probation in Florida?

By Jude Faccidomo |

When an individual is found guilty of a criminal offense, he or she may be sentenced to probation rather than incarceration. Probation is a form of supervision that permits an individual to remain in his or her home and part of his or her community, but requires that he or she comply with a… Read More »


Hazing is a Criminal Offense in Florida

By Jude Faccidomo |

Joining a fraternity or sorority has its benefits. It can provide a sense of community and lead to volunteering opportunities and meaningful connections that serve a student in the years after he or she graduates. For many students, these benefits are worth the difficulties of joining a Greek society, which can include hazing. Hazing… Read More »


I am Going to Jail. What Can I Expect?

By Jude Faccidomo |

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, you could find yourself heading to jail. Sometimes, this happens even if you work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. In any case, if you are going to spend time in one of Florida’s county jails, take some time before you are admitted to educate… Read More »


The Differences Between Careless Driving and Reckless Driving in Florida

By Jude Faccidomo |

As a driver, you have the responsibility to drive courteously to prevent collisions with other drivers, pedestrians, and stationary objects. If you cause an accident because of your failure to uphold this responsibility, you can be found negligent and thus liable for the victim’s damages. If you are convicted of reckless driving, you can… Read More »


Marriage Fraud – What are the Penalties for an American Spouse?

By Jude Faccidomo |

When most people think of fraud, they tend to think of credit card fraud and investment scams. These are two types of fraud, but certainly not the only type. Fraud is a theft crime, which means it can be used to steal money, information, valuables, or anything else with monetary value. This includes the… Read More »

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