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Marriage Fraud – What are the Penalties for an American Spouse?

By Jude Faccidomo |

When most people think of fraud, they tend to think of credit card fraud and investment scams. These are two types of fraud, but certainly not the only type. Fraud is a theft crime, which means it can be used to steal money, information, valuables, or anything else with monetary value. This includes the… Read More »


Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Florida

By Jude Faccidomo |

Drug use does not occur in a vacuum. Whether a drug is injected, snorted, or smoked, it is used in conjunction with an apparatus. This apparatus, along with items used to cultivate and transport the drug, is considered to be a piece of drug paraphernalia. In Florida, the possession of drug paraphernalia is a… Read More »


Cocaine Trafficking is on the Rise in Florida

By Jude Faccidomo |

According to drug enforcement officials, drug trafficking into South Florida is happening at a higher rate than it has at any point in the last decade. In the past year, Customs and Border Protection officers confiscated approximately 9,500 pounds of cocaine being moved into the nation through Florida. Cocaine overdose deaths in Florida are… Read More »


What Makes a Piece of Evidence Inadmissible in Court?

By Jude Faccidomo |

In any criminal case, evidence is a key part of the legal proceeding. Evidence is what the prosecution uses to link the defendant to the offense as well as what the criminal defense team uses to show that the defendant is innocent. Using evidence effectively is the key to convicting an individual or keeping… Read More »


What to Do if you are Charged with Trespassing

By Jude Faccidomo |

Trespassing is defined as the act of entering a private area without permission from its owner. This can be a house, a section of a home or public building, or even an empty lot. If you do not have authorized permission to enter a space or structure, entering it can be deemed to be… Read More »


Posting Bail: What it Does, What it Requires

By Jude Faccidomo |

When an individual is arrested and taken to jail, a bail amount is set for him or her. Bail is the money that the individual can pay in exchange for being released from jail while his or her case moves through the criminal justice system. Bail is not always money. Sometimes, it is a… Read More »


Types of Property Crime

By Jude Faccidomo |

There are many different classifications for criminal offenses. Within these classifications, there are often subdivisions. Property crimes are offenses that involve the unauthorized taking or destruction of another party’s property. Within the realm of property crimes, there are multiple subtypes. These subtypes of property crime are listed below. Property crimes can involve tangible items… Read More »


Why You Need to Comply with your Subpoena

By Jude Faccidomo |

In the most basic sense, a subpoena is a request for evidence to use in a criminal case. The court issues subpoenas to individuals who can provide this evidence, which can be anything from a testimony about an event to a document that shows critical information about the event. A subpoena is not a… Read More »


Marijuana Possession for Personal Use vs. Marijuana Possession with the Intent to Distribute

By Jude Faccidomo |

Although states across the nation are decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana for recreational use, it is still a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance under the Controlled Substances Act and illegal outside of regulated medical use in Florida. Florida’s laws differentiate between the possession of a small amount of marijuana for one’s personal use and the… Read More »


What is Petit Theft?

By Jude Faccidomo |

Petit theft is defined as the theft of property valued at less than $300 with the intention of permanently or temporarily depriving the rightful owner of that item. In other words, it does not matter if you intend to return an item taken for your own benefit – “borrowing” another person’s property without his… Read More »

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