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Miami White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar offenses are usually classified as crimes brought about through deception rather than the use or threat of force. Even nonviolent crime is a serious matter, and prosecutors, judges and juries tend to deal harshly with people they think were responsible for frauds or schemes that deprived elderly people of their hard-earned money or defrauded the government of taxpayer dollars. The criminal defense lawyers at Ratzan & Faccidomo understand the intricacies of white collar criminal offenses under Florida laws and federal statutes. Our Miami white collar crime lawyers provide assistance at every stage, from pre-indictment grand jury investigations to trials and appeals, providing advice and representation in even the most complex of cases. Contact Ratzan & Faccidomo for assistance with any white collar criminal matter, including:

White Collar Crimes in Miami Involve Highly Technical Statutes and Lengthy Investigations

Although crimes such as bribery, extortion and fraud have existed for centuries, most white collar offenses today are defined by extremely lengthy and complex state and federal statutes. These highly-technical laws and definitions are so complicated that even experts often disagree on when a violation has occurred, such as arguing the difference between lawful tax avoidance and illegal tax evasion. It is important to be represented by experienced lawyers who understand how to attack the prosecutor’s case and present a convincing defense that often reveals the inability of the prosecution to prove a violation beyond a reasonable doubt.

Lengthy investigations are another hallmark of white collar criminal prosecutions. The government may spend months or even years building their case before they bring it to the grand jury for an indictment. During that period, you may be approached by investigators and questioned, and it can be difficult to know whether you are a suspect at that point and to what extent you are required to answer questions. We can help you cooperate with the authorities to the extent necessary to avoid an obstruction of justice charge or to obtain a favorable plea bargain. At the same time, our assistance will ensure that you do not help the government build its case against you by making any ill-advised statements. One inaccurate statement can land you behind a federal charge of making a false statement to a federal officer, giving the government leverage they can use against you.

Experienced Miami White Collar Crime Lawyers for Federal and Florida White Collar Crime

If you have been approached by law enforcement, received a target letter from the Department of Justice or other agency, or if you have been arrested for fraud, money laundering or other white collar offenses, contact Ratzan & Faccidomo for a free consultation with experienced and effective Miami white collar criminal defense lawyers.

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