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Protect your Future by Working with a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are in college, it can be difficult to think about the long-term effects your actions today will have on your future 20, 30, and even 50 years from now. Sure, you are working toward a degree that will ideally have a positive impact on your future employment prospects – but what about a criminal charge, like possession of a small amount of marijuana or public drunkenness? Those are just par for the course at this stage in your life and cannot really have an impact on your future, right?

Wrong. Having a criminal conviction on your record can absolutely have an impact on your future, from making it more difficult to secure a job to affecting your eligibility for a mortgage loan. Protect your future from the impact that a criminal charge can have by working with a criminal defense lawyer who specifically handles college students’ cases.

But I Thought it was Illegal to Discriminate Against Applicants with Criminal Records

When you apply for a job, a loan, to a college or university, or to rent a house or apartment, you may be subject to a criminal background check. This is a sweep of your criminal record to see if you have been charged or convicted of offenses in the past.

It is true that in Florida, it is illegal to deny an individual a certificate, license, or permit to work in a particular occupation or industry based on his or her criminal record, unless the offense listed on his or her record would directly conflict with the profession. For example, an individual who has a child pornography-related charge on their record may be denied a teaching license. Beyond this, employers are permitted to conduct background checks of their applicants and may use the information found in this check to decide whether or not to hire the applicant.

How Else Can my Criminal Record Affect my Future?

There are many ways having a conviction on your criminal record can affect the options available to you in the future. Some examples of areas of your life that could be affected by your criminal record include:

  • Your ability to obtain a visa to travel or relocate to another country;
  • Your eligibility to purchase and own a firearm;
  • How your case is treated in family court if you seek custody or visitation with your child, especially if your conviction is for a violent or drug-related crime;
  • Your driving privilege; and
  • How any future criminal charges you face are treated in court. In some cases, you could face a steeper penalty for an offense if your record contains a previous similar offense.

Work with a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Be proactive about your case’s defense by seeking legal aid as soon as you can. To get started with our team of criminal defense lawyers in Miami at Ratzan & Faccidomo, LLC, contact our firm today to schedule your initial legal consultation. By defending yourself against a criminal charge today, you can protect your future.

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