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How to Dress for your Day in Court

As the saying goes, “everybody is entitled to their day in court.” Basically, this means you have the right to a fair trial when you are charged with a criminal offense. Your day in court is your opportunity to prove your innocence to the judge and jury, which can help you avoid penalties like fines, jail time, the loss of certain privileges, and probation.

Although the jury is there to make a ruling about your innocence or guilt based on the testimonies and evidence presented, they can subconsciously make judgments based on how you present yourself. You might feel that this is not fair or that it is not right, but it happens. As a defendant facing a criminal charge, you need to present yourself in the best way possible to prevent the jury from making unfair assumptions about your character.

How you present yourself is largely determined by how you dress. Keep the following tips in mind when you pick out your court outfit. If you are having trouble determining whether something is appropriate for court or not, discuss it with your criminal defense lawyer.

Conservative is Always Best

Wear a neutral color. Gray, navy, black, and dark brown are all good color choices for court. Your jewelry should be minimal and tasteful, such as a watch for a man or a small necklace for a woman. Facial hair should be neatly groomed or shaved off completely, and both sexes should appear in court with conservative hairstyles.

Your fingernails should be neatly manicured and if you opt to wear nail polish, choose a neutral color.

Keep it Natural

If your hair is an unnatural color like blue or green, dye it back to your natural color. Other extreme modifications, such as piercings other than the earlobes and tattoos, should be removed or covered. Women who wear makeup should opt for natural-looking makeup, rather than bright colors or heavy applications. Men should not wear makeup to court.

If It Works for a White Collar Interview, It Works for Court

When picking out clothing to wear to court, ask yourself if a piece is something you would wear to an interview for a white collar job. Suits are a strong choice for both sexes. Women can also opt to wear conservative dresses or knee-length skirts with blouses. For men, an alternative to a suit is a dress shirt with a blazer and slacks. Both sexes should wear dress shoes.

Generally, the rules for appropriate interview attire are the same for appropriate courtroom attire. If you would not wear something to an interview, do not wear it to court.

Work with a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Miami who can help you build a strong defense for your case. To get started with a member of our team, contact Ratzan & Faccidomo, LLC today to schedule your initial legal consultation.

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