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Drug Bust Follows Accidental 911 Call

In Okaloosa County, police showed up to an apartment and found five people as well as marijuana, 20 partial Xanax bars, 152 full Xanax bars, 21 grams of heroin, six grams of powder cocaine, a loaded .38 Special handgun, and $2,500 in cash after receiving a 911 call from the cell phone owned by Jakaylea Salazar. She did not intentionally call the police. Instead, she “butt dialed” 911, meaning that while the phone was in her back pocket, she leaned against a piece of furniture, the wall, or another object in the apartment that caused a 911 call to go through. You might have experienced butt dials before, but they likely have not resulted in visits from the police.

Possession of the above can result in significant penalties. Possession can be difficult to determine and in some cases, it is possible for an individual who is innocent of using or possessing a controlled dangerous substance to be charged with a criminal offense simply because he or she was in a home or vehicle with the substance. If you find yourself facing this type of charge, work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend your case and avoid penalties like jail time, fines, probation, and mandatory drug education.

Drug Charges

The individuals discussed above had a variety of drugs in their home. A lot of factors are considered when determining an appropriate charge for an individual found in possession of illegal drugs, such as the following:

  • The type of substance he or she possessed;
  • How much of the substance the individual possessed;
  • Whether the individual could reasonably be believed to have possessed the substance with the intention of selling or distributing it;
  • Whether the individual was manufacturing or otherwise involved in the manufacture of an illegal substance; and
  • How much control the individual had over the substance. In other words, if the substance was found on the individual’s person or simply within the premises.

Weapons Charges

Each state has unique firearm and weapon laws. In Florida, an adult may purchase a firearm without a permit. However, any individual who wants to carry a concealed handgun must had the proper permit to do so. Other laws apply to the possession of defaced firearms, stolen firearms, and the possession of a firearm where a minor could reasonably have access to it. Convicted felons are also not permitted to own or possess firearms.

In Florida, it is illegal to display a firearm in a threatening manner and to carry a firearm in certain areas, such as school zones.

Work with an Experienced Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing any type of drug-related charge, contact our team of experienced Miami criminal defense lawyers at Ratzan & Faccidomo, LLC today to schedule your initial legal consultation with a member of our firm. We are here to help you fight the charges you are facing. Call our firm and start working on your case’s defense with a member of our team today.

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