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Defining Burglary

When you hear the term burglary, you probably envision a masked offender breaking into a home at night. While it is a common burglary scenario, this serious crime is far more reaching and you may be surprised by the various situations that can lead to a burglary allegation.

A recent article by Space Coast Daily discusses a suspect charged with vehicle burglary. The arrest stems from a rash of vehicle break-ins throughout Titusville. After receiving citizen reports about a suspicious van in the area, police reportedly connected the suspect to the crime. He is charged with multiple burglaries in the area and the use of stolen credit cards. Vehicle burglary is also at the center of a teenager who is wanted by law enforcement in St. Augustine. According to a report by News 4 Jacksonville, a young man on a skateboard was caught on a surveillance camera opening a car door and sitting inside the vehicle for a few minutes before exiting the car and skating away. As stated in the article, the victim is not reporting any missing items, but the suspect may still be charged with burglary when caught.

In Miami, a man is charged with burglary after allegedly committing a crime that has become a common problem. According to New 7, the suspect was caught trying to steal parts from a residential air conditioning unit. His actions were reportedly witnessed by a neighbor who contacted the authorities. The suspect was apprehended while hiding in another AC unit. As stated in the report, police are looking at his possible involvement in recent similar incidents. He is charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

What the Law Says

Burglary is classified as a property crime. It occurs when an individual unlawfully enters the premises of another with the intention of committing a crime. The definition of premises is the element that expands this crime beyond the expected. While it was historically defined as a place of occupancy, current analysis extends the meaning to include enclosed structures, even in no one lives there. In addition, structures and land directly surrounding the structure are also included within the parameters of premises.

When viewed in this light, it is easier to understand how the earlier mentioned suspects are charged with burglary for entrance into cars. Vehicles are considered enclosed structures and unauthorized entrance into one for the purpose of committing a crime is burglary. Even in the case where the teenager did not take any items from the car, if prosecutors can prove that he entered the vehicle with the intent to steal, they can secure a felony conviction.

In the case of the AC parts theft, even if the unit was located outside of the house in a back yard, once an individual enters the parameters of the premises with the required intent, a burglary occurred.

If you are charged with burglary, secure the services of a capable lawyer as soon as possible. Our Miami lawyers can provide you with an aggressive defense. Contact Ratzan & Faccidomo, LLC today at (305) 330-3905 for a confidential and free consultation.

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