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Defending your Case to Keep your Educator’s Certificate

In Florida, an educator can have his or her Florida educator certification revoked if he or she is found to violate certain codes of conduct. These codes of conduct are written into state law. Educators are defined as generally any individual who works in a school, such as a teacher, a guidance counselor, a paraprofessional, a school librarian, or any school support staff.

Having your Florida educator certification can mean the end of your career in the education field. If you are accused of violating any code of conduct related to your position, you have the right to retain an experienced educator certification defense lawyer to defend your case. Do not simply allow your career to be ruined by an accusation that is not proven to be true.

Why Would my Educator Certification be Revoked?

The Principles for Professional Conduct in the Education Profession in Florida lists the code of conduct to which educators are held. These responsibilities are divided into three categories: responsibilities to the students, responsibilities to the public, and responsibilities to the profession. Examples of ethical guidelines listed in the law include:

  • Educators are prohibited from using institutional privileges for their personal gain;
  • Educators may not unreasonably deny students access to diverse points of view;
  • Educators may not intentionally suppress or distort subject matter taught in the classroom;
  • Educators may not accept gifts or gratuities that can sway their professional judgment; and
  • Educators may not misrepresent their own professional qualifications.

Far more guidelines are listed in the law alongside these. As you can see, some of the requirements placed on educators in Florida are vague about the type of conduct that does and does not violate the law. Because of this, it is possible that you can be involved in a claim that you violated the law even if you did not intend to violate it. Prove your innocence by working with a criminal defense lawyer who can work with you to develop an effective legal strategy for your case.

How are Educator Violations Handled?

Accusations of educator violations are handled by the individual’s local school board as well as the Florida Department of Education. Every public school, charter school, and private school that accepts scholarship students must post the procedure for reporting educator misconduct and the individual to contact with a report in their building and on its website.

Work with a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of violating your professional code of conduct, work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend your case. Our team at Ratzan & Faccidomo, LLC in Miami can help you defend yourself against a charge of illegal or unethical conduct by using the available evidence to demonstrate your innocence. Do not wait to begin working with our firm. Contact us today to set up your initial legal consultation with us. Working with us could mean the difference between losing your job and continuing to work in education for years to come.

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