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Great team, truly professional…

I have only great things to say about Jude Faccidomo and Mycki Ratzan who represented my son, a university student falsely accused of misconduct. They were always available to answer our questions and guide my son though this difficult and traumatic experience. I feel very lucky to have found such a devoted, compassionate and skilled team.

Think of a pro athlete in his prime…

A no-doubt future Hall of Famer. That’s how I feel about Jude and his accomplishments for me in the legal field.  Your search for South Florida’s absolute best criminal defense firm is over. When I walked into Ratzan & Faccidomo’s law offices, I immediately felt the passion, determination–and, frankly, the success–in the air.  Rarely will you ever find a person more driven (and thoroughly prepared) to succeed than Jude. He handled my matter with insightful brilliance and powerful tenacity. I’m glad he was on my side and not the other!

You won’t be disappointed!

Jude Faccidomo is a great lawyer. He had helped me tremendously with my case, if it wasn’t for Jude I won’t be here now giving this testimony. Jude studied my case and find out every little details before he represents me in court. He is very professional and he is personal as well, he would fight for you as he would fight for himself. If you are looking for a good lawyer I would definitely recommend Jude, you won’t be disappointed!

Goes above and beyond

As a client of Mycki Ratzan for the last 20 years, I can truly say that I hired a professional who is committed to excellence in achieving the goals of her clients. She goes above and beyond to get results in favor of those she helps. She has the tenacity and fight in her to go up against top notch adversaries of opposing parties to win the legal issues at hand for her clients. The complexity of my case alone proves how she can bring and win the fight in court for her client. Having a truly dedicated and gifted-legal mind as Mycki Ratzan on your legal team will surely be the winning one.

I was amazed

I was amazed that Jude was able to get my case dismissed. I was incredibly nervous having never been in a situation like this before. Jude immediately put me at ease and came through for me and my family.

Meeting Jude Faccidomo has been one of the greatest…

Meeting Jude Faccidomo has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I met him when I was 15 years old he was appointed my public defender. He treated me like if I was his little brother! He assured my mom that he will always take care of me. After winning that initial case, I was unfortunately charged with 2 other cases 4 years after that. Due to him keeping his promise and not giving up on me I am now a 26 year old college graduate with a degree in Exercise Science & entrepreneur that owns two businesses.

Mycki and Jude complement each other perfectly

Having worked with attorneys for over 26 years and understanding how the criminal justice system works, you can spot talent and dedication When you are involved in a criminal case you ask yourself, “who can I trust to help me in this situation”? Being represented by Mycki Ratzan and Jude Faccidomo answered that question for me and my family. Mycki and Jude complement each other perfectly while facing the justice system on your behalf – I know this firsthand. Their shared vision and passion for criminal defense is evident. Every aspect of the case is discussed, dissected and most importantly shared with their clients as the case progresses. They also respectfully listen to their client’s suggestions and help them understand the realities that arise from the matter at hand. If you want a talented, genuine and innovative team to handle a criminal situation you find yourself in, I recommend whole heartedly you contact Mycki and Jude in Miami, Florida.

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